27. September 2020

ZSE Austria: ALLEGRA ARGENTINA – best of the 4 years and older mares

With an excellent rating of 56 points, the four year old ALLEGRA ARGENTINA was entered in the Trakehner Studbook I as the most highly rated mare in the “4-year-old and older mares” category on the occasion of the central mare registration at the Ranzenbach stud. This result also means the rating in the entire breeding district Bavaria/Austria as well as the third highest mark nationwide in 2020 in this class.
Mathias Alexander Werner, head of the mare registration committee of the Trakehner Verband, enthused: “A noble horse par excellence, a highly noble mare in expression with lots of feminine charm, the face is picturesque!”
ALLEGRA ARGENTINA is bred by the Hartl family and is a daughter of the champion stallion Sir Sansibar and the bloodstained mare Arleen by Essteem OX. Breeder and owner Dominik Hartl thanks trainer Heinz Wächter for the excellent preparation and presentation of the mare!